Selections of menu


Enjoy the most-favourite burgers of Marshall's, you won't regret them.

Sambal Petai Chicken Burger

Taste the pride of Malaysia! Enjoy juicy fried chicken thigh, caramelized onions and the spicy and tangy Sambal Petai! Warning - things can get really sloppy!

Creamy Salted Egg Chicken Burger

Enjoy luscious and tender fried chicken thigh topped with creamy and savoury salted egg sauce, sprinkles of salted egg, and a slice of tasty Cheddar cheese.

Marshall's Original Burger

This O.G. is everyone's fav with seared beef patty OR juicy grilled chicken thigh, topped with caramelized onion slices, crispy lettuce, tomato, and sizzled with secret Marshall Sauce!

Burst N Melt Burger

The name says it all. Opt between juicy beef patty OR grilled chicken thigh, topped with lettuce, tomato, caramalized onion, Marshall's Sauce and a sunny-side egg!

Marry Me Burger

Feast on this magnificent beef patty OR tender grilled chicken breast, topped with crispy lettuce, plump tomato, Marshall's Sauce and fried onion rings!


Savour on our mouthwatering beef burgers from the selection, they're 100% scrumptious!

Big Marshall's Burger

Two is better than one. At least, that's what this burger is saying with TWO beef patties, topped with juicy pineapple ring, caramelized onions and sizzled with Marshall's Sauce!

Streaky Beef Burger

Especially for you meat-lovers, feast on glorious beef patty topped with flavourful beef streaky, lettuce, tomato and sizzled with Marshall's Sauce!

Good Ol' Double Cheeseburger

Can you fit all this in one bite? Enjoy the American classic with TWO beef patties, TWO cheese slices, Double Cheese Special Sauce, and topped with crisp lettuce and tomato!


Everyone likes chicken, but nobody does chicken burgers as good as we do!

Backyard Chickie Burger

Enjoy a refreshing take on the classic chicken burger with this perfectly crisp and juicy chicken breast, topped with zingy coleslaw and a slice of decadent cheese!

Miami Chickie Burger

Let's party like we're in Miami! Enjoy succulent grilled chicken thigh marinated in Marshall's Sauce, topped with chicken toast, coleslaw and a golden pineapple ring!


No burger is complete without a side dish, we prepare the best sides for you to enjoy our burgers with!


Our fries? It's crispy, golden and well-cooked, like no other fries in the WORLD!

Marshall's Onion Rings

Enjoy our famous onion rings fried to golden perfection! You'll definitely want to order more!

Cheezy Hand-Cut Fries

This house-made 'Hand Cut' fries is made from scratch with Russet potatoes, delivered fresh from the farm. Served with Marshall's Cheese Sauce with a sprinkle of herbs.


Have a nice drink to wash down our succulent burgers!

American Iced Tea

Quench your thirst with our signature drink, the sweet and refreshing American Iced Tea.

Coca Cola

Enjoy the refreshing taste of the fizzy Coca Cola alongside our delicious burgers!


Pair up your burger meal with a fizzy can of Sprite!